Fluidly flowing; like water and lacquer.

As a nail polish lover myself, I wanted to share my creations with those that are also interested in unique varnish created through a moment captured in memory, whether it be of that of the scenery around us, the people in our lives, or a collective shared experience in our culture.  I felt so strongly inspired by those different things that I needed to capture them in color. Striving to bring you not only uniquely beautiful polish, I place huge importance on an easy to use formula.  It is my mission to bring you colors that transport you to a place or envoke a feeling or memory.  

I do my best to source ingredients that are cruelty free and never test on animals or unwilling participants.  All polish is 5 free as well.

Mixing polish since early 2014, I hope to continue to grow in my polish making skills, changing with the trends while staying true to myself and the unique vision that I bring.  I hope you enjoy that journey with me.

Please check the 'Coming Soon!' section for information on upcoming colors, launch dates, and other important information.